Present Perfect Simple

have / has + past participle 

Past Events Connected to Present

Something that happened in the past but affects the present.

  • I have lost my keys. (Now I can't find my keys.)
  • I have been to Europe. (Now I can say that I traveled to Europe.)
  • She hasn't eaten much today. (Now she is very hungry.)
  • Have you done your homework? (Is it finished now?)

Unfinished Time

Something that started in the past and is not finished. 

  • I have only had 3 cups of coffee today. (I usually have 5 cups each day)
  • She has been to New York twice this month. (And she's going again next week)
  • He has not finished his homework yet. 

Recent Unfinished Actions

Actions or events that ended in the recent past but at an unspecific time. 

*Often used with words like just, recently, and already.  

  • The president just had a meeting.
  • She has taken her exam already. 
  • The cats have recently eaten. 

How Long

Something that happens over a period of time.

*Often used with since or for

  • They have lived in Germany for ten years.
  • I've known her since I was a child.
  • They have been dating for a while now.