Present Simple

Routines and Habits

Routines, habits, or actions that are repeated. Often used with frequency adverbs. 

  • I go to work on the week days. 
  • The girl plays with her friends after school.
  • The dog eats at 6 pm.


Characteristics, mental states, emotions, and senses.

  • Pam lives in Florida.
  • I like chocolate.
  • She has red hair.
  • I think she is night.


General truths and facts that are almost always true. 

  • The sun rises every morning.
  • Plants need water.
  • Blue and red make purple.

Example words that show habitual action

The following list contains common adverbs that show habitual action. 

  • Rarely
  • Frequently
  • Every day
  • Usually
  • Often
  • Always
  • On Tuesdays
  • Every year
  • Sometimes