Tutoring in Seattle/ Online

Looking for a personal tutor to help you improve your English?

I offer private tutoring lessons here in North Seattle and online.

Here are the courses that I offer:

Grammar Overview Courses

  • Intermediate or Advanced Grammar for ESL students ($30 per hour/ $55 per two hour session).

Academic English Vocabulary

  • Learn vocabulary to prepare you for English in an academic setting. ($30 per hour/ $55 per two hour session). 

Simply Conversation Course

  • $20 per hour/ $35 for a two hour session

  • Practice speaking and learn new vocabulary.

More options upon request 

Justine Discovery Park


  • If you have another English/ ESL topic that you want to improve contact me!

Current Availability:

  • Monday 2:30-4:30
  • Tuesday 10-2
  • Wednesday: 3-7
  • Thursday: 10-4:30
  • Friday: 10-5
  • Saturday: 11-5
  • Sunday: 11-5
    (Pacific Standard Time PST)

You can contact me here!